Spiritual Luxury  | Meet Our New Artist Collaboration with Adrienne Mixon


Adrienne Mixon is a longtime friend, collaborator and artist. Her latest series, "Spiritual Luxury," playfully examines the paradox that lies in definition, in this case, the notion of luxury. 

For this collaboration, she pushed her concept of Spiritual Luxury a step further by using our Italian-made, luxurious leather bags as the canvas for stencils exploring her evolving relationship with the word, beginning with "C is for Connection," a work she describes for us here: 



The pinnacle of desire and comfort, the “best of the best”, tangle items worthy of their expense-This is what comes to mind when contemplating what the word Luxury means to me. Having once been driven by seeking and achieving tangible creature comforts in the realm of luxury in tandem with performance defining my purpose and self-worth, I am in a place of healing from that misguided direction. I now find myself seeking Spiritual Luxury. What can luxury mean in a metaphysical /spiritual sense? What luxuries do we desire for our hearts and minds? These are what enriches our inner and outer worlds. Higher consciousness is contained within all of us. 

This is what I practice and seek…

C is for Connection

True Connection to others and ourselves is increasingly difficult in our Modern Age. Spending a full day with a Friend, Dancing with a Partner, Listening to a Music Album from start to finish that moves you to tears or to a nostalgic smile. We are always “connected” via our phones and various forms of tech, but not truly to our cores. Feeling True Connection has a luxurious feeling.

We have a limited amount of these very special artworks, please email info@harminstyle.com to inquire about availability & pricing, or visit Bond 07 by Selima in New York City between Lafayette & Broadway) 


I am an emerging artist although I have been in creative pursuit all my life. I grew up in a military family which took me all over the U.S. and Europe. Living in Italy as a knowledge hungry 10-year-old, immersed in renaissance art and architecture can be pinpointed as the seed of my artist’s path. My professional journey began while attending Virginia Commonwealth University, School of the Arts. After graduating with a B.F.A, I pursued my career in the fashion industry as a handbag, shoe and accessories designer for over a decade in New York City. Traveling the world over and deeply locked into the beat of the city’s drum.  I have since left the corporate fashion world, kicking off my freelance career and pursuit of the artist’s way in mixed media analog collage. Currently, I reside in Charleston, SC but a piece of my psyche remains in NYC.


My analog collage and mixed media art proposes to tap into a surreal nostalgia and meditate on various themes such as memories of reckless youth, mental health, recovery, sleaze and tabloid culture. I am drawn to images with conflicting relationships, playful, surreal and absurd combinations. I tend to put significant emphasis on puzzles found in femininity: body image, vulnerability, narratives in vintage and modern fashion editorial. Influences range from cult cinematic inspiration to pop and lowbrow art culture. Many times, in hindsight, the work is a manifestation of the shadow self. The creative process and result fluctuate between chaotic and restrained, minimalist style. My art is meant to let the viewer contemplate its significance by provoking, charming or giving a little thrill.


Connect with Adrienne | @adriennemixon_studio


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