On one of the first sunny & warm (50+ degrees Fahrenheit) days of 2021, I met up with Yanran Xiong, a friend of my good friend Bronson - you’ll meet him later. I met Yan at the HARMIN shop/showroom on Mott Street. We had initially planned to shoot in the subway and at the Oculus building, but the warm weather dictated otherwise. Prior to meeting, we had discussed Yan picking two different color schemes in the UTILITY POUCH to style. However, while browsing at 223 Mott Street, we decided to pair her outfits with one Utility Pouch in the classic chalk/white combination as well as a YOUR HANDLE bag in HARMIN’s crowd-pleasing olive with a black zipper. We added a chalk and khaki strap to the Utility pouch which can also easily be tossed inside one of HARMIN’s larger bags.

Harmin Bags - Yanran Xiong

We shot at a few various spots close to the shop with Yan’s first outfit - an amazing all black gothic fit. She rocked both bags while commenting several times about the lightness of the leather. After getting some safety shots, it was time for outfit number two. 

After a quick change back at the store, we had to chase the afternoon light - Yan in stilettos and me trying not to run as I led us to the next interesting piece of street to shoot at. Needless to say, we weren’t the only ones who had the “bright” idea to shoot on February’s warmest day… The streets were filled with stylish downtowners who, much like myself, had been stacking looks during an almost year of lockdown. We find some great steps to shoot at, some unique nooks and then grab a matcha, signifying we had wrapped.

 I asked Yan a few questions about her experience:

How would you describe HARMIN in three words?
Elegant. Elevated. Exquisite.
What is your favorite feature of the bags?
The soft leather and the big zipper design.

What is your favorite color in the collection?

What does the name ‘HARMIN’ mean to you?
Harmonical and minimalistic.

Featured Bags:
UTILITY POUCH, chalk with white zipper + chalk & khaki STRAP
YOUR HANDLE, olive with black zipper

Nolita, NYC

Written by:
David Weinholdt


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